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    J2EE Architect / Sr. Software Developer/Architect: Java (J2EE), Oracle


    Over 17 years of design experience, implementing and deploying software for financial, commercial and other businesses, industrial applications in manufacturing and business environment. Over 15 years of development in multi-system environment (UNIX/NT), over 10 years of strong JAVA and related technologies experience, over 14 years of Oracle database experience. Profound knowledge of object-oriented methodologies, database application design, web site development, maintenance and accountancy. Proficient in developing thorough design documentation for data models, system interfaces, and application components. Deep background in creation of large-scale mission-critical enterprise systems with transaction processing using J2EE. Experience in cross platform development and integration.


Java (8+ years): J2SE: OOD, UML, Swing, AWT, Threads, Collections, I/O, JUnit, Log4j
J2EE (WebLogic 8.x, WebSphere, Tomcat, ServletExec, Resin): EJB, Servlets, JSP, Java Mail, Spring, Struts, Struts SSL Extension, RMI, JNDI, JDBC, SAX/DOM, JSF, jBoss Seam

SOA/Web Services: SOAP/WSDL, Weblogic Workshop Web Services, Apache Axis, RPC/document styles, security, handlers

XML: XML, dtd, XMLSchema, XMLPath, XQuery, XSLT, SAX/DOM, jaxb

UML: TogetherJ, Rational Rose, Poseidon

Oracle: PL/SQL programming
Database structures design and implementation (DSS and OLTP)
Performing as a DBA (Oracle 8i)

Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris), Linux (Red Hat); MS Windows 2000, NT, 98, 95, XP

Various Skills: HTML/JavaScript + Ajax, Perl, shell, Borland Delphi
Oracle Designer & Developer 2000, ERWin, Platinum SQL-Station, Crystal Reports
Oracle Express, MicroStrategy
MS SQL Server (Transact-SQL), Access, MySql; MapInfo; SAS

Working experience:

eBay, San Jose, CA, Senior Consultant, March 2007 - Present

  • Performance Tuning of production application servers (March 2007 - May 2007).
    • Hot Spot analysis for slow methods and memory leaks.
    • Java Heap / Garbage Collection optimization.
    • Various Kernel code optimizations.
    • Design of methodology document - Tuning Guide for eBay performance engineers.
    Environment: IBM JVM 1.5, Windows NT; Geronimo AppServer; JRockit; JProbe. IBM PMAT, EVTK.
    Main achievements:
    • Tuning of two production server pools resulted in increasing capacity of current boxes, allowing reduction of 40% of production boxes.
    • Tuning Guide became an essential document for tuning of other production pools.

  • Project Fire Marshal (May 2007 - September 2007). Throttling production traffic for disaster recovery.
    • Design and development of critical parts
    Environment: IBM JVM 1.5, Windows NT; Geronimo AppServer

  • Project Batch Action Framework (September 2007 - Present). Framework for execution of bulk operations on production boxes.
    • Design and development of critical parts
    Environment: IBM JVM 1.5, Windows NT; Geronimo AppServer

Numetrics, Cupertino, CA, Senior Software Engineer, Technical Lead, June 2002 - February 2007

  • Development new subsystems of the Design Performance Management System for Electronic Product Development.
    • Development of functional specifications of the system;
    • Responsible for architecture and development of the Web Services layer;
    • Development of the Web-based graphic user interface (HTML + JavaScript + Ajax);
    • Development of the middle tier and view components using Spring and Jakarta Struts frameworks;
    • Development of the persistence layer of the application object structure using Hibernate;
    • Evaluating of other persistence technologies (Toplink, JDO, iBatis);
    • Development of the back-end database structure;
    Environment:Oracle 8i, ERWin, Windows NT; Java, JDBC, servlets, JSP, Spring, Struts+Tiles, EJB, Weblogic 8.1, ServletExec, Tomcat
    Main achievements:
    • Introduction and evangelism of multi-layered system (persistence, domain, service, application, view);
    • Introduction of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services. Justification, proof of concept, architecture and implementation of the Web Services layer.
    • Introduction, proof of concept, incorporating into existing application of the IOC Spring container; redesigning of the transactional context model
    • Introduction, proof of concept, design of Object-Relational model (Hibernate)
    • Constant applying of J2EE design patterns, such as Session Facade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Inversion of Control, etc. Educating of team members on these patterns.
Synapsys Inc., Herndon, VA, Programmer/Analyst, March 2002 - June 2002
  • Development of Calling Cards Processing Application to track the purchasing, activation and usage of calling cards.
    • Development and support of existing Web-based graphic user interface
    • Development and support of the back-end database structure
    • Design and architecture of moving the application to the J2EE platform
    Environment:Oracle 8i, ERWin, PL/SQL web cartridge (OWAS); UNIX (Solaris 2.7(8)), Windows NT); Java 1.3.
NARUS Inc., Palo Alto, CA, Senior Member of Technical Staff, January 2000 - December 2001
  • Development of Narus Intelligence Web-Based system to assist Internet Service Providers in making real-time decisions regarding their network and hardware usage.
    • Participated in designing the architecture of the project;
    • Developed underlying database structure including deployment scripts;
    • Developed entity Enterprise Java Beans to build the persistent layer for the classes used by the system;
    • Developed session Enterprise Java Beans to implement the Session Facade design pattern in order to reduce complexity of entity EJB structure exposed to the persistent layer;
    • Developed value object classes to implement the Value Object design pattern in order to reduce number of network and database calls and increase the performance of the system;
    • Developed presentation layer of the system using JSP and Swing applets;
    • Developed parsing and data loading modules for data exchange between the system components;
    • Developed XML writer used for presentation of end-user reports and XSL style sheets to convert these reports to HTML pages;
    • Developed and optimized SQL queries
    Environment: UML (Rational Rose), Java (SDK 1.3), JDBC, servlets, JSP, EJB, JavaMail API, IBM WebSphere 3.5, 4.0 EAS; BEA WebLogic 5.x, 6.x EAS; Apache, Tomcat, XML, XSLT, Oracle 8i, SQL, ERWin; UNIX (Solaris 2.7(8)), Windows NT
  • Developing the network statistics data-warehouses for storing the information to be used in Narus Intelligence system.
    • Design and develop data warehouse ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) application for aggregation and building data marts for traffic analysis information of NARUS Intelligence product;
    • Fine tuned and pre-configured the Oracle databases for large production deployments (SGA parameters, temporary tablespace, rollback segments);
    • Developed backup strategy and capacity planning;
    • Optimized queries time with aggregated, partitioned and denormalized to star and snowflake data-marts, materialized views and indexes.
    Environment: Oracle 8i, PL/SQL procedures, packages, triggers; Oracle Expert, SQL-Loader, import/export utilities
Novinvest Ltd., Atlanta, GA. Programmer/Analyst, June 1999 - January 2000.
  • Working as a contractor in NARUS, Inc. Designed and developed database back-end application of aggregation and staging traffic analysis information of NARUS Intelligence product.
    • Developed data structures for storing network information used for billing ISPs' customers;
    • Introduced Oracle partitioning option in the project, which brought about a dramatic performance boost;
    • The author and main developer of Narus DB Partitioning Manager used to maintain partitioned tables providing for implementation of the rolling window concept.
    Environment: Oracle 8.1.x, PL/SQL, EJB, JDBC.
Adamas Jewelry Co., Moscow, Russia, Systems Analyst/Software Engineer, Mar 1999 - May 1999
  • As part of a 5-member team, developed application to automate production processes and track precious metals and jewelry flows.
    • Analyzed manufacturing processes, develop UML and ER diagram;
    • Developed server part of the application – physical tables and PL/SQL objects;
    • Developed client part;
    • Integrated the application with existing ERP system.
    Environment: Oracle 8, ERWin, UML, Rational Rose, JDBC, Swing
Moscow Gas Co., Moscow, Russia, Sr. Software Engineer, Nov 1997 - Sep 1998
  • Led a team of 3 programmers in designing, developing and delivering an Oracle/Java application that tracks incoming supplies and outgoing distribution of natural gas. Gas flow data are received via modem and are pre-processed and inserted into a Staging/Aggregation Oracle database. There the information is aggregated regarding to consumption time, customer ID and other dimensions and then is replicated into the main database.
    • Designed database structure, developed physical objects, PL/SQL modules;
    • Designed class structures for Java client application, implemented Java UI modules
    Environment: Oracle 7, ERWin, Java AWT, JDBC
Portland/OMI, Moscow, Russia, Software Engineer, June 1997 - November 1997
  • Developed in Delphi and MapInfo a geographic information system of outdoor advertising billboards. Important features included the visual representation of a city map with points on it, which represent billboards. Clicking on such a point gives information about the chosen panel - factual, photo and video.
    • Designed specification for the system;
    • Designed and developed database structure and database objects;
    • Designed the GUI and implemented it for Windows platform
    Environment: Delphi, MapInfo, MapBasic, MS-SQL (Transact-SQL)
Russian Defense Institute, Moscow, Russia, Researcher, August 1990 - June 1997
  • Designed and developed a variety of databases and information systems, using Oracle DBMS and Forms, Delphi, ERWin, Crystal Reports, MS SQL, FoxPro.

Education and training:

  • Minsk Higher Military School, MS in Engineering, June 1990


  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform (score 88%).
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (score 88%).
  • Oracle Certified Professional. Oracle8 DBO (score 84%).
  • Brainbench: Master Oracle Programmer, Master RDBMS Developer, Oracle 8 DBA, Oracle 7 DBA.


  • Highly motivated hard worker with professional attitude and work ethics. Able to work overtime
  • Get along well with others. Friendly. Reliable. Deliver work on schedule